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This collection contains numerous statutes from a wide array of organizations and establishments in the county of Timiș. Of interest to those researching Jewish history are folders five and six. Folder five contains, in addition to other statutes, the statutes of the Jewish Women's Charity Society of Caransebeș (Reuniunea de binefacere a femeilor evreești din Caransebeș). These specific statutes were approved in 1931; the society was founded in 1884. The statutes are nine pages long and typed in Romanian. Folder six contains the statutes for two organizations: The Chevra Kadisha society of Reșița (copy of statutes from 1916) and the Chevra Kadisha society of Caransebeș (copy of statutes from 1928). Both are typed and in Romanian.

This folder contains documents exclusively in Hungarian. They are not dated but are presumably from the early post-war period. The pages appear to be lists of questions and answers, of Zionist nature, perhaps used for those preparing to make Aliyah. There are also several ballot sheets with names of individuals running for various positions.

This folder contains forms prepared by the Jewish community of Blaj regarding the health of children within the community.

This folder contains several reports from the Jewish Democratic Committees of Timisoara regarding various activities, meetings and elections.

This folder contains paperwork created by or for the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) regarding their work with refugees and survivors of World War II. Material includes lists of aid recipients (orphans from Transnistria, other Bukovinan Transnistria survivors, Transylvania survivors of Auschwitz) and correspondence from various communities requesting assistance in various forms.

This folder contains documents related to various Zionist organizations within Transylvania, primarily in Timisoara and Cluj. Most of the material is in German and Hungarian. The contents include correspondence with central offices in Bucharest, newsletters, reports, minutes of meetings, speeches, and so forth.

This folder contains a wide variety of documents, primarily related to Zionist organizations within Romania. Many but not all papers appear to be from or to Transylvanian Zionist organizations but there are also many documents from international branches. There are also several private pieces of correspondence. The material is primarily in Hungarian and German, with some Yiddish, Hebrew, English, French, and Romanian material as well. There are several reports on activities and events in Israel, these are mostly in German, some in English.

This folder contains a variety of documents mostly related to Zionist organizations within Transylvania but also to other Jewish organizations within Romania. The material consists of reports, newsletters, and some correspondence.

This folder contains a variety of documents created by various Zionist organizations, apparently all based in Transylvania. There are newsletters and correspondence between offices. Most of the material is in Hungarian and Yiddish.

This folder contains a report from the Jewish Democratic Committees of Vatra Dornei regarding upcoming elections and activities.

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