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This folder contains hundreds of documents apparently related in some way to the Transnistrian deportees in the county of Golta. The documents include corresponence with the Jewish council central offices in Bucharest, memos from the welfare department of assistance sent, inventories of goods sent, telegrams, private messages transmitted via the central council to individuals in Golta county. Many of these messages are from people in Cernăuți to relatives or friends deported to Golta.

This folder contains handwritten notes from Transnistrian deportees addressed to the respective "commander" (comandant) of the Golta gandarme unit requesting to be transferred to another camp or ghetto or for family members to be transferred to be with the signatory. None of the requests are approved. There are also simple charts of orphans, these do not include any names or details other than the numbers of orphans and whether of both parents or just the mother or father.

This folder contains a variety of paperwork regarding Transnistrian deportees. A majority of the papers originate from Cernăuți and regard the impoverished Jewish community there. Material includes correspondence from the Jewish council to and from governmental authorities regarding Transnistrian deportees, medicine to be sent, border control of goods, and so forth. There are charts of businesses, presumably Jewish-owned, but the first page is missing and so the scope of the charts is not clear. Correspondence to and from the Cernăuți office primarily regards sums of money sent from the welfare department. There are also personal notes, memos, or telegrams (it is not clear) sent to deportees in Transnistria from various individuals or organizations in Bucharest.

This folder contains documents from the welfare department concerning sums of money transferred to individual Transnistrian deportees. In addition to individual pages of confirmation of transfer, there are charts of recipients which include the name of the recipient, their town of origin, name of sender, amount sent. People from all major towns and many smaller ones in Bukovina are found in these lists.

This folder contains a unique collection of documents apparently created by the Jewish leadership in Mostovoi and Berezovca, two villages in Transnistria. The documents are handwritten in a very clear and legible writing and include budget reports and notes, minutes of meetings, correspondence between other neighboring communities and government authorities.

This folder contains a variety of documents related to Transnistrian deportees. There is a text or manuscript concerning individuals repatriated in 1943. There are several charts of repatriates suspected of political subterfuge (communist links); charts of individuals deported from certain towns (Dorohiu, Burdujeni), charts of those deported due to infractions of forced labor requirements.

This folder contains lists of Jews from various cities around the country who were deported to Transnistria as a result of infractions of forced labor requirements. The charts list the name of the individuals, address, parent names, and year of birth. The majority of the individuals in these lists are from Bucharest or other towns in the Regat. There are some shorter lists of individuals from Cernăuți, Timișoara, Alba Iulia, and a few other towns in Transylvania.

This folder contains a variety of documents related to individuals deported to Transnistria. Primarily the documents are requests from family members who remained in Romania for their deported relatives to be returned to the country. There are also some notes and memos regarding sums of money sent to deportees. The requests from family members for their relatives to be restored provide various details about the deportee, the circumstances surrounding their deportation, and the material circumstances of the author of the letter. Frequently various civil records are included such as birth certificates.

This entry is for multiple folders; each contains registration forms for a woman or women from Făgăraș recording their occupation and requesting exemption from forced labor. The women in these folders were employed by the Jewish women's organization. The documents may include birth details, occupational details, various references and recommendations, and often a photo of the individual. For the names of individuals applying, please see the National Archives online guide to this collection (, only in Romanian) and consult the folder (dosar) number listed under the call number.

This folder contains two charts. One is from the Sighișoara Jewish community and contains the names of individuals with permits exempting them from forced labor. The chart includes the names, company for which they work and position, number of family members, salary, and other comments. The second chart is from the Mediaș Jewish community and is a list of individuals with professional licenses/permits. It is not clear whether this term was meant to be synonymous with permits exempting them from forced labor. The information recorded is the same as the chart from Sighișoara: name, company, position, salary, family members, other comments, but the list is over three times as long (135 from Mediaș, 40 from Sighișoara), though the Jewish population of Mediaș was larger than Sighișoara.

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