Jewish Council of Romania: Various documents related to Transnistrian deportees and the Jewish community in Cernăuți


This folder contains a variety of paperwork regarding Transnistrian deportees. A majority of the papers originate from Cernăuți and regard the impoverished Jewish community there. Material includes correspondence from the Jewish council to and from governmental authorities regarding Transnistrian deportees, medicine to be sent, border control of goods, and so forth. There are charts of businesses, presumably Jewish-owned, but the first page is missing and so the scope of the charts is not clear. Correspondence to and from the Cernăuți office primarily regards sums of money sent from the welfare department. There are also personal notes, memos, or telegrams (it is not clear) sent to deportees in Transnistria from various individuals or organizations in Bucharest.


Jewish Council of Romania




Textual records


164 pages




There is no indication as to when the documents became the property of the National Archives.

Call Number:

Centrala Evreilor din România; inventar nr. 2185; dosar nr. 587

Bibliographic Citation:

Centrala Evreilor din România; inventar nr. 2185; dosar nr. 587; Direcţia Arhive Naţionale Istorice Centrale


Arhivele Naționale ale României, Direcţia Arhive Naţionale Istorice Centrale, Bd. Regina Elisabeta nr. 49, sector 5, Bucureşti, C-050013

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