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The folder contains various correspondence between the central office and local branches of communities in the counties of Târnava-Mica and -Mare regarding forced labor obligations. The towns of Mediaș, Sighișoara, Dumbrăveni, and Blaj are mentioned specifically.

This register is entirely Hungarian. It records deaths from throughout the region around Târnăveni, in fact the majority are from other villages or towns in the region. Unlike some of the older record books, in which the individuals were primarily from small villages near Târnăveni, in particular Adámos, in this book we begin to see towns appear Nagyvarad, Erszábetváros, Nagy Szeben, Dicső-Szt.-Márton, Marosvásárhely. Nevertheless, the majority of individuals still come from a very rural, small-village background. The pattern of emigration from small villages to towns can also be traced in this book, since it records place of birth and place of death. Other information recorded is age, circumstances of death, surviving relatives, place of burial.

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