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This item includes two civil suits submitted by Leib Lepner to the Radautz Bezirksgericht (district court) regarding money owed him.

In this letter, attorney Ignatz Blumenfeld certifies that the monastery of Sucevița has repaid Mendel Rath the sum it owes him.

In this letter, Mathias of Straza claims that goods purchased from Moses Ber Mick are of poor quality and he is thus paying 30% less than promised.

This item is a poster regulating the process for restitution of goods taken as a result of “recent racist laws”.

This item is a poster outlining rules for transportation of goods expropriated from Jews, for example advising that permits are required from the office for the administration of goods expropriated from Jews (administrarea bunurilor expropriate dela evrei).

This item is a poster with instructions for declaring possessions and goods left by Germans, Hungarians, and Jews with the proper office (Administrarea Bunurilor Statului Rădăuți) by 10 September 1941.

This item is a poster publicizing ordinance nr. 14568 which prescribes proper procedure for declaring possession of goods, animals, houses, and land which used to belong to repatriated Germans and expropriated Jews.

This item is an announcement regarding proper procedure for purchasing automobiles from Polish refugees.

This item is a poster announcing election times and procedure for Jewish community committee elections.

This item is a certificate confirming that Maximilian Wimer of Radautz completed a 2.5 year apprenticeship and is accepted into the tailors guild.

The documents collection consists of various documents on a wide variety of topics that were donated to or collected by the National Archives Branch of Suceava. For information on individual items within this collection of potential interest to those researching regional Jewish history, please see the below.

The manuscript describes the history of Rădăuți, in general from a Romanian perspective. It does also contain a few pages on the other ethnic groups that populated the city and contains a few pages describing the Jewish population prior to World War II, including a brief outline of Jews in Moldova, their traditional clothing, and language.

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