Collection of Confessional Registers of Civil Records, Mureș county


This collection comprises civil registers recording birth, marriage, and death records. Originally the registers were kept by each respective parish, church, synagogue, etc. In the 1950s they were collected by the National Archives and made into this overarching collection. The collection is organized by locality and then religion. In addition to birth, marriage, and death records, some of the Christian registers record conversions, baptisms, confirmations, pastor or priest names, and other notes on the development of the community. The Romanian preface to the collection notes that in 1784 the Jewish communities were made to record their civil records under the supervision of the Catholic priests. It is unclear whether this may indicate that 18th century Jewish records might be found within Catholic record books. In any case, there are no extant Jewish registers prior to 1815. Of interest in this civil record collection in the county of Mureș are the numerous registers from rural areas, especially from the area around the small town of Sângeorgiu de Pădure, also the region of the socalled Szekely Sabbatarians. All Jewish registers held at the Mureș archives are described in detail below.


National Archives, Mureș County Branch







46.6 meters


Latin, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Hebrew


These registers were maintained by the respective Jewish community and/or local municipality and collected in the 1950s by the National Archives.

Call Number:

Colecția registrelor confesionale de stare civilă ; fond nr. 1

Bibliographic Citation:

Colecția registrelor confesionale de stare civilă, jud. Mureș ; fond nr. 1 ; inventar nr. 1 ; Arhivele Naționale ale României, Direcția Județeana Mureș


Arhivele Naționale ale României, Direcţia Judeţeană Mureș, Târgu-Mureş, Str. Crizantemelor, Nr. 8, cod 540073, jud. Mureş

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