Secondary School (Gr. Or. Oberrealschule) of Czernowitz

Alternative Title:

Gr. Orthodox Oberrealschule von Czernowitz


This collection contains six items from a secondary school in Czernowitz which existed at least from the 1850s to the interwar period. The school appears to have changed names several times over the years. Until the interwar period, Jewish students made up a significant portion of the student body. During World War II many documents from northern Bukovina were "evacuated" to southern Bukovina or elsewhere in Romania. This evacuation of documents was often incomplete and many documents have gone missing, which may explain how this collection ended up in Suceava and why it is so small, given that the dates span nearly a century. It is possible that other records for this school are held in archival repositories in Chernivtsi or even elsewhere in Romania. Please see below for details on the six items within this collection.


Secondary School (Gr. Or. Oberrealschule) of Czernowitz. This school was under various names throughout the years.




Register books


6 items


Romanian, German


Presumably these records were maintained by the school itself until sometime during the interwar period, during which they were apparently collected by a Romanian government authority (possibly an archival institute or school administrative institute in Cernăuți). During World War II the records were probably "evacuated" to Suceava after the Soviets took over Cernăuți in 1940.

Call Number:

Gimnaziul Real din Cernăuți ; număr curent 112, fond 467, inventar nr. 360

Bibliographic Citation:

Gimnaziul Real din Cernăuți ; număr curent 112, fond 467, inventar nr. 360 ; Arhivele Naționale ale României, Direcția Județeana Suceava


Arhivele Naționale ale României, Direcţia Judeţeană Suceava, strada Ştefan cel Mare nr. 33, cod 720003, jud. Suceava Romania

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