Police records of Solca


This collection contains records created by the police department of Solca during the late interwar period and World War II. Of interest to those researching regional Jewish history may be numerous folders concerning papers related to "suspected" individuals or "foreigners". Many of these individuals or so-called foreigners were Jews fleeing war zones to the north or local Jews whose Romanian citizenship had been revoked (through anti-Semitic legislation in 1938) or who had never claimed Romanian citizenship in the first place and were regarded as Austrian foreigners. There is also one folder titled property taken from Jews, though the contents primarily concerns other matters. For details on these items, please see below.


Police of the City of Solca




Textual records


129 items




This collection was maintained by the police authorities until it was acquired by the National Archives during the communist period.

Call Number:

Poliția orașului Solca; număr curent 228; fond 436; inventar nr. 345

Bibliographic Citation:

Poliția orașului Solca; număr curent 228; fond 436; inventar nr. 345; Arhivele Naționale ale României, Direcția Județeana Suceava


Arhivele Naționale ale României, Direcţia Judeţeană Suceava, strada Ştefan cel Mare nr. 33, cod 720003, jud. Suceava Romania

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