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This record book records marriages for the region around the villages of Teaca and Urmeniș. Information recorded is standard, including names, occupation, parents, and birth dates of the bride and groom and place, date, and officiant for the wedding. This book includes Yiddish and Hebrew entries alongside the standard Hungarian.

This record book is in a fragile state, many pages have severely frayed edges. The book records the customary information for births including name, date, parental information (names, occupation, birthplace), circumcision or naming ceremony officiant and date, and (sometimes) notes regarding the individual's death or other comments. Of note is the large time span the book covers, from 1858-1922 (the dates prior to the 1886 were entered after the fact). There are many gaps in this period, especially from 1903-1922. Please note that today the villages of Teaca and Urmeniș are not in the county of Mureș, but rather in Bistrița-Nasăud. The entries in this book are for familes living in villages throughout the region around Teaca and Urmeniș.

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