Ocna Mureș (Hung: Marosujvár): Jewish community; births 1849-1895, deaths 1871-1894, marriages 1868-1895


This register contains entries for births, deaths, and marriages recorded in a variety of manners. It seems that the book is a compilation of several documents which were at one time separately maintained. The first nine pages contain birth records, sometimes organized by family, sometimes chronologically, with several pages blank or with only one entry; many entries lack complete data. The earliest birth recorded is 1849 though this and other births from the 1850s and 1860s were almost definitely recorded several decades later. The last birth recorded is from 1895. There is one page of deaths listing five entries from 1871-1894; the entries generally lack complete data. Then follows a page of wedding records, but written across a birth-records rubrik. These weddings took place in 1892. Then follows two pages of text in Hungarian recording divorce proceedings held before a rabbinical court. Such records of community life and relations are extremely rare. Finally there is one sheet, recorded front and back, of marriages dating 1868-1895. The book is in Hungarian with German and Hungarian printed titles. Most events took place in Ocna Mureș (Marosujvár/Maros Ujvár) or nearby villages.


Jewish community of Ocna Mureș



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Records catalogued under Uioara which are actually from Ocna Mureș.


Textual records


17 sheets


German; Hungarian


These registers were maintained by the respective Jewish community and/or local municipality and collected in the 1950s by the National Archives.

Call Number:

Colecția: Registre de stare civilă de la parohi, jud. Alba; fond nr. 17; inv. 328; cotă 1849

Bibliographic Citation:

Colecția: Registre de stare civilă de la parohi, jud. Alba; fond nr. 17; inv. 328; cotă 1849; Arhivele Naționale ale României, Direcția Județeana Alba


Arhivele Naționale ale României, Direcţia Judeţeană Alba, Alba Iulia, Str. Mihai Viteazu nr. 29, cod 510010, jud. Alba

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