Jewish Communities of Romania: Charts of Survivors of Transnistria and German Concentration Camps


This folder contains two sets of charts. One set was created in Radăuți in December of 1945 and contains the names of individuals returned from the U.S.S.R. (ie. Transnistria) who received assistance from the Red Cross with the help of the Joint. The charts include names, birth place and date, gender, occupation, frontier entry point, and items received (garments) and the recipient's signature. The other set of documents is from Șimleul-Silvaniei, also dated 1945, and records names of those who returned from German concentration camps. Charts include names, name of the mother, place and date of birth, occupation, camp from which they returned, last place of residence prior to deportation, marriage status, and other comments (often tattoo number). These charts were created by the Jewish community of Șimleul-Silvaniei (technically here called Democratic Jewish Group - Gruparea Democratică a Evreilor).


Red Cross; Șimleul Silvaniei Jewish Democratic Group




Textual records


23 pages




There is no indication as to how these documents became the property of the central National Archives branch in Bucharest. They were processed in 1987.

Call Number:

Colecția Comunități Evreiești din România; inventar nr. 3001; 3/1945

Bibliographic Citation:

Colecția Comunități Evreiești din România; inventar nr. 3001; 3/1945; Direcţia Arhive Naţionale Istorice Centrale


Arhivele Naționale ale României, Direcţia Arhive Naţionale Istorice Centrale, Bd. Regina Elisabeta nr. 49, sector 5, Bucureşti, C-050013

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