Jewish Communities of Romania: Maps of Jewish Population Growth in Romania


This folder contains three documents: two maps created by the statistics department of the Centrala Evreilor din România (Jewish Council of Romania) which depict Jewish population fluctuations between 1930 and 1942 in Romania as a whole and broken down by regions. The third document is one long sheet, folder so as to create 10 pages, with detailed statistical breakdowns of the Jewish population. The pages are numbered beginning with 65, so this "pamphlet" was apparently part of a larger work at some point in time. One section details Jewish intermarriages in Romania. The data states the ethnicity of the non-Jewish parent, broken down by county and sometimes city and the number of children resulting from mixed marriages (broken down also by ethnicity of the non-Jewish parent). Another section breaks down the Jewish population by sex and county/city and another by age and county/city. Graphs depict distribution by age and sex across the country. Bucharest's Jewish population is broken down separately. It is not clear who created these pages, whereas the maps state that they were created by the Centrala Evreilor din România.


Centrala Evreilor din România (Jewish Council of Romania)




Textual records


3 sheets




There is no indication as to how these documents became the property of the central National Archives branch in Bucharest. They were processed in 1987.

Call Number:

Colecția Comunități Evreiești din România; inventar nr. 3001; 2/1930

Bibliographic Citation:

Colecția Comunități Evreiești din România; inventar nr. 3001; 2/1930; Direcţia Arhive Naţionale Istorice Centrale


Arhivele Naționale ale României, Direcţia Arhive Naţionale Istorice Centrale, Bd. Regina Elisabeta nr. 49, sector 5, Bucureşti, C-050013

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