Bădești (Hung: Bádok), Israelites: births 1850-1884


This register records births for the Jewish community of the village of Bădești, or Bádok in Hungarian, the name it was known by at the time of recording. Please note that though the book is catalogued under Bădești, it appears that many or even most of the births are from the neighboring village of Borșa (Kolozsborsa in Hungarian, not to be confused with the small town of Borșa in Maramureș). There are also a substantial number of entries that do not provide the place of birth. The book is organized by year, that is, each page records births in the respective year. The name and date of birth are provided as well as names of parents, godparents, and midwife. Sometimes the place of birth is given and/or other comments. The book is in handwritten Hungarian with a few loose printed sheets of birth records. There are also a few notes in Yiddish.


Bădești Jewish Community



See Also:

Register for the neighboring community of Borșa.


Textual records


44 written sheets


Hungarian; Yiddish


These registers were maintained by the respective Jewish community and/or local municipality and collected in the 1950s by the National Archives.

Call Number:

Colecția matricole parohiale de stare civilă, jud. Cluj; fond nr. 42; cotă 18/4

Bibliographic Citation:

Colecția matricole parohiale de stare civilă, jud. Cluj; fond nr. 42; cotă 18/4; Arhivele Naționale ale României, Direcția Județeana Cluj


Arhivele Naționale ale României, Direcţia Judeţeană Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Str. Mihail Kogălniceanu nr. 10, cod 400084, jud. Cluj

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