Suceava County Documents Fond: Chart of persons pardoned and arrested in 1952 […]; agents recruited from the Jews


Please note JBAT archivists did not survey this material directly. The folder description provided by the CNSAS inventory reads: Chart of persons pardoned and arrested in 1952 (former legionnaires, members of the L.A.N.C.), lectures, briefings on activities of some suspected and shadowed persons, charts of farmers condemned for agitation, former prisoners who developed a positive attitude after their release, former prisoners whose property was confiscated, agents recruited from the Jews, prisoners in detention from 1955-1960.


Suceava Securitate (Communist secret police agency in Suceava county)




Textual records






Collected by the Suceava county Securitate and centralized in Bucharest after 1989.

Access Rights:

At the time of the JBAT survey (2015), the inventory for this collection was accessible only at the physical location of the CNSAS and only in digital form on the computers of the CNSAS reading room. In order to research at the CNSAS, an individual must be "accredited". Accreditation is obtained by submitting a request describing the research topic. In addition to the folders listed in the JBAT catalogue, once one is accredited, one can also search for folders under a specific name. For more information on the accreditation process, see here (in Romanian). http://www.cnsas.ro/cercetatori.html.

Call Number:

Fond documentar Suceava; cota S.R.I. 24; vol. 1; cota CNSAS 8782

Bibliographic Citation:

Fond documentar Suceava; cota S.R.I. 24; vol. 1; cota CNSAS 8782; Consiliul Național pentru Studierea Arhivelor Securității


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