Orders and instructions regarding a military admission exam; the issue of Jews who are not to be evacuated according to the general [evacuation] measures


This file contains various orders and correspondence regarding wartime evacuation scenarios. Notably, document 5 states that Jews are not to be evacuated during any mass evacuation, and document 21 states that Jews assigned to work details in local businesses and military facilities may be made to work overtime in light of needs to “increase production.” It appears that in this context, "evacuation" was not intended as a euphemism for deportation to Transnistria, but was in fact used to refer to a general population evacuation in the event of foreign invasion, for example.


Police of the Town of Rădăuți




Pamphlet binding


29 sheets




The records were maintained by the respective institution until the communist period, during which they were acquired and processed by the National Archives at an unknown date.

Call Number:

Poliția Orașului Rădăuți; număr curent 226; fond 375; inventar 143; dosar 8/1943

Bibliographic Citation:

Poliția Orașului Rădăuți; număr curent 226; fond 375; inventar 143; dosar 8/1943; Arhivele Naționale ale României; Direcţia Judeţeană Suceava


Arhivele Naționale ale României, Direcţia Judeţeană Suceava, strada Ştefan cel Mare nr. 33, cod 720003, jud. Suceava Romania

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