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This item is a compilation of two marriage register fragments. Entries begin in 1858 and run until 1879, though one fragment consists of only one page which is not dated. Most of the weddings recorded took place in Aiud, the rest were in nearby villages. The headings are in German and Hungarian; the entries are generally in Hungarian with some remarks in Romanian from the interwar period. The entries are not always comprehensively completed; data which should be recorded is name and birth information for the bride and groom; parent names and occupation; age; where announcement of engagement took place; place and date of the ceremony; and names of witnesses and officiant. Please note this register was titled by the National Archives "Israelite-Orthodox Head Rabbinate" (Primrabinatul israelit ortodox) but since this title does not appear anywhere in the book and is misleading, LBI archivists chose to use the customary title for such registers in this catalogue.

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