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Deva Jewish Community Collection


This collection is very small and certainly represents only a tiny remnant of the records of the Deva Jewish community. There is no indication as to why these documents survived and others did not nor whether there may be another deposit of community paperwork (more likely it seems material was destroyed or thrown away). The synagogue was restored in 2018-2019 but the president at the time was unable to say whether additional archival material was found in the course of the restoration. Nevertheless, the collection contains several unique items of interest. There is a notebook with an alphabetic list of Jews “evacuated” from villages during World War II (“evacuated” was the euphemism used for the law requiring the compulsory resettlement of rural Jews in towns) (Box1, folder 1), a unique book of prints published in Cluj in 1947 by D. Izareli, and several registers from the Deva Jewish school during the war-time period. For more details as to contents, please see below. Particularly unique is a map, damaged by water, depicting Jewish community institutes in the Hunedoara district in 1956 (oversized box, OS-1).


Deva Jewish Community




1 meter


Hungarian; Hebrew; Romanian; Russian


The documents within this collection were stored in the administrative offices of the Deva Jewish community. They are now in labelled boxes and as of December 2018, were within the administrative offices.

Access Rights:

Please contact the Deva Jewish Community for access.

Call Number:

Deva Jewish Community Collection; box [xx]; folder [xx] (please see container list below for individual folder call numbers); Deva Jewish Community

Bibliographic Citation:

Deva Jewish Community Collection; box [xx]; folder [xx] (please see container list below for individual folder call numbers); Deva Jewish Community


Deva Jewish Community; Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu 4; 330058 Deva, România;; tel. 0040 (0)254 215 550

Container List:

Language: Romanian; Hungarian; Hebrew
Extent: four boxes (circa .8 meter)
Arrangement: Chronological
Scope and Content: This series contains registers and one box of oversized materials, consisting of posters and a map. The registers include some civil status records, registers of membership with dues and tax information, school registers, minutes of meetings and others. Of particular interest to scholars may be the record of board meeting minutes from the interwar period which contains approximately 160 pages. This register is in Hungarian (box R-1). Also of interest is the register created by the “Department of Statistics” of the Jewish community during World War II. This register records information on individuals, including those “evacuated” from villages, in forced labor, and deportees to Transnistria. In addition, the register “Burials in Deva Jewish Cemetery” (box R-1) contains around 100 loose sheets of unrelated material including community inventories and references to the “little synagogue” which functioned at least into the 1950s.  Finally, the school registration books may be of interest to genealogists as they contain many details on the individual pupil’s background such as name, birth date and place, ethnicity, religion, citizenship, father’s name and profession, home address, classes taken and grades.
Box Folder Title (English translation) Language Date
R-1   Deva Jewish Community Register of Births Hungarian; Hebrew 1920-1950
R-1   Minutes of Board Meetings Hungarian 1922-1939
R-1   Alphabetical Members Register including Military Background Hungarian circa 1930s?
R-1   Burials in Deva Jewish Cemetery Romanian 1932-2012
R-2   School Register II for Deva Jewish School Romanian 1941-1942
R-2   School Register III for Deva Jewish School Romanian 1942-1943
R-2   School Register IV for Deva Jewish School Romanian 1943-1944
R-2   Community Members Dues and Taxes Register (Részjegykönyv) Hungarian; Romanian 1941-1943 (1908)
R-3   Register of Taxes Paid (?) Romanian 1943-1944
R-3   Register of Jewish community member fees and dues Romanian 1948-1950
R-3   Deva Jewish Community Statistics Dept.: General Statistics Romanian 1943
R-3   Register of Board Meeting Minutes Romanian 1950-1951
R-3   Register of Taxes Due and Candles Received Romanian 1953-1959
R-3   Register of Board Meeting and General Assembly Minutes Romanian 1987-1997
R-3   Alphabetic Register of Cemetery Plots Romanian No date
R-4   Cemetery map: Ilia Hungarian No date
R-4   Cemetery map: unknown locations   No date
R-5   Megillah (several sections, not complete) Hebrew  
OS-1   Posters of famous Yiddish writers (Sholem Aleichem, Mendele M. Sforim, I.L. Peretz), map of Jewish institutes in Hunedoara county Romanian 1948-1956
Language: Romanian; Hungarian; Hebrew; Russian  
Extent: one box (circa .2 meter)  
Arrangement: Chronological  
Scope and Content: This series is very small, consisting of just one box of material. Of most interest is the notebook listing “evacuees” (forcibly resettled) from surrounding villages. Also unique is the small volume of prints printed in Cluj in 1947 by D. Izraeli entitled Memento: 1942-1945. There are very few copies of this book circulating in libraries today. It is signed Salamon Eva, 1949.  
Box Folder Title (English translation) Language Date
1 1 Notebook: List of "Evacuees": 1941-1944 Romanian 1941-1944
1 2 Memento: 1942-1945 by D. Izraeli (published Cluj, 1947) Romanian; Hungarian 1947
1 3 Birth and death certificates, census registration forms (1942) (4 pages) Romanian 1942-1960s
1 4 Chart of community members, 1966 Romanian 1966
1 5 Jews who have left permanently (list) Romanian 1979-1986
1 6 Postcards sent to the Deva Jewish community from former members Romanian; Hungarian; Hebrew 1987-1998
1 7 Diverse newspaper clippings (Unda de Șoc; Evenimentul Zilei; Viața Noastră) Romanian; Hungarian; Hebrew; Russian 1991-2000

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