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Alba Iulia Jewish Community Collection


This collection contains only four items. The registers retained by the community are all related to the cemetery with the exception of one book registering births, marriages, and deaths from the late 1930s. For additional details please see the Scope and Content note and container list below.

The bulk of the Alba Iulia community archival material was removed to Bucharest at some point. This material, or at least some of it (it is not possible to verify the extent of the removed material),  may be found at the Centrul pentru Studiul Istoriei Evreilor din România (CSIER, Center for the Study of the History of the Jews of Romania). The inventory for their documents related to communities may be accessed here. Please note the CSIER website and inventory is only in Romanian and no details regarding the history of the collection or other contextual information are provided.


Alba Iulia Jewish Community




.15 meters


German; Judeo-German; Hebrew; Romanian


The documents within this collection were stored in the offices of the Alba Iulia Jewish community (status 2017). As of summer 2017 they were still stored there, in archival boxes for safe storage.

Access Rights:

Please contact the Alba Iulia Jewish community for access.

Call Number:

Alba Iulia Jewish Community Collection; box [xx]; folder [xx] (please see container list below for individual folder call numbers) Alba Iulia Jewish Community

Bibliographic Citation:

Alba Iulia Jewish Community Collection; box [xx]; folder [xx] (please see container list below for individual folder call numbers); Alba Iulia Jewish Community


Alba Iulia Jewish Community; Str. Tudor Vladimirescu 4; 510095 Alba Iulia România;; email:; tel. 0040 (0)258 817840

Container List:

Language: German; Judeo-German; Hebrew; Romanian
Extent: four registers (circa .15 meters)
Scope and Content: The first register records the burial locations of the deceased in the Alba Iulia cemetery. The first entry is dated 1936 and final is 2006; it is 35 pages. Of note is that the book is printed exclusively with the Hebrew-letter alphabet, though the language is German (even umlauts are included). Handwritten entries are in German at the beginning and continue in German into the 1950s. Note there is an accompanying index book through which the entries for individuals can be cross-referenced by last name. The civil records register records births, marriages, and deaths in the community of Alba Iulia beginning in 1939 until the early 1950s. Typical description of data is recorded (parents, birth or death details, addresses). It is not clear why this register remained with the community rather than being deposited with the National Archives. For a list of all the civil record books held by the National Archives Alba branch for the county of Alba and including the town of Alba Iulia please see the JBAT entry here. The final register is called a “book for the dead”, apparently recording deaths with indications for finding the respective grave in the cemetery. It is kept in Judeo-German on one side and Latin letters on the other. It is not clear for how long it was kept. The title page is in Hebrew and contains formalities, indicating who wrote it (Ruven Ben Moshe), place (Karlsburg/Alba Iulia), and date (1839). The first page is in Judeo-German and entitled “Explanation of the Cemetery Map” (Erklärung der Friedhofskarte, even the Hebrew alef has an umlaut). There is also a cemetery map in the back of the book. The fourth item within this collection is an expanded cemetery map of the community.
Box Folder Title (English translation) Language Date
1   Cemetery guide plus index notebook Judeo-German; Romanian 1936-2006
2   Civil records register of births, marriages, and deaths Romanian; Hebrew 1939-1952
3   Burial book and cemetery guide, plus cemetery map Judeo-German; Hebrew 1839
Tube   Cemetery map German; Hebrew No date

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