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This collection comprises civil registers recording births, marriages, and deaths. Originally the registers were kept by each respective parish, church, synagogue, etc. In the 1950s they were collected by the National Archives and made into this overarching collection. The collection is organized alphabetically by location, then by religious community. All Jewish registers held at the Cluj archives are described in detail below; please click on a title for more information.

This folder contains documents related to various Zionist organizations within Transylvania, primarily in Timisoara and Cluj. Most of the material is in German and Hungarian. The contents include correspondence with central offices in Bucharest, newsletters, reports, minutes of meetings, speeches, and so forth.

This folder contains a report from the Jewish Democratic Committee representatives in Cluj to the headquarters in Bucharest. It deals mainly with staff and activities. There are also several pages reporting on the activities carried out in other northern Transylvanian towns. Some of the reports include the speaker, topic, language in which the speech was given (generally Hungarian or Yiddish), audience number in attendence, etc.

This folder contains a variety of documents related to Zionist organizations in Transylvania. Some of the material is also related to missing persons, sought through the Zionist organizations.

This folder contains correspondence regarding missing persons sought after World War II. Most of the correspondence is from or to HIAS (Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society). A large number of the persons sought are from various towns in Bukovina, but there are also inquiries regarding individuals originally from Transylvania or elsewhere in Romania. In a few rare instances personal letters are included in the correspondence.

This folder contains a copy of the minutes of a meeting held in Vatra Dornei in 1937 by the leaders of various student Zionist organizations in Romania. It appears that these leaders had already formed a Federation of Zionist associations and that the topics discussed were in reference to changes made to the statutes of this Federation as well as other matters. Though there is little context to the document, nevertheless various insights come through such as tension between the Transylvanian representatives and the Bucharest representatives and relative success or popularity of various Zionist organizations in different regions of Romania. The names of the regional leaders are also provided.

The Jewish Communities of Romania Collection (sometimes also described by the Romanian National Archives as the Documents Collection of the Jewish Communities of Romania) contains documents created and received by Jewish communities and organizations functioning in Romania from the 19th century to the first half of the 20th century.

The documents until World War II are composed of a variety of items reflecting community life, including statutes, correspondence, reports, and membership lists. Documents from the World War II period generally address the plight of Romanian Jews during this period. This material includes reports on persecutions and expropriations, correspondence and other documents related to deportees, and emigration paperwork. The post-World War II material generally deals with the repatriation of Jewish deportees to the Romanian-organized camps in Transnistria, the welfare of survivors, emigration, and the activities of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania and of the Jewish Democratic Committee (communist Jewish organization). For the complete inventory list of the collection, please see this link (in Romanian only):

JBAT archivists surveyed folders containing material related specifically to Bukovina and Transylvania. For details on the contents of these folders, please see the list below and click on any link.

Please note JBAT archivists did not survey this material directly. The folder description provided by the CNSAS inventory reads: Chart of those of Jewish ethnicity repatriated from Bessarabia and Bukovina (in the counties of Mureș and Cluj).

Please note JBAT archivists did not survey this material directly. Please note that two folders are catalogued under this call number. The folder description provided by the CNSAS inventory reads: Informative material regarding the Jewish population (charts, addresses, ordinances, informative memos); text outlining the purported historical development of "Chauvinist nationalist elements in the Jewish population".

Please note JBAT archivists did not survey this material directly. Please note that two folders are catalogued under this call number. The folder description provided by the CNSAS inventory reads: Jewish nationalist organizations (Zionists). Notifications, ordinances, documentation [on] "The Jewish Problem" (1949); the history of several Zionist organizations; atmosphere amongst the Jewish population and nationalistic events from ranks of the Jews in the Cluj region, notifications, informative summaries.

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